Air circulation is important for proper function of your heating and cooling systems, and for maintaining a supply of clean, fresh air which is vital to your health. Inadequate ventilation can lead to breathing difficulties and health problems due to poor diffusion of harmful particles in homes or workplaces.

Bathroom Ventilation

Damp bathrooms can be at risk for buildup of mould, mildew and other particles that pose a risk to your health. Our ventilation systems can ensure a supply of fresh, clean air is available in every room of your building.

Car Park Ventilation

Enclosed or underground spaces such as car parks often have limited air circulation, leading to stale air, unpleasant odour and buildup of harmful particles. We can ensure a well ventilated and fresh car park for your home or business.

Mildew and Mould Prevention and Treatment

Unaddressed build up of mould and mildew in homes and businesses can pose risks to health including Sick Building Syndrome. Our services can treat and prevent the build up of these health risks and ensure a continuous supply of fresh, clean air.

Factory and Warehouse Ventilation

Factories and warehouses require a continual supply of fresh air from outdoors and removal of contaminated air. Our factory and warehouse ventilation services provide fresh, clean air, control temperature and humidity, and reduce health and safety hazards for you and your workers.

Air Purification

Our heating, cooling and ventilation systems can offer air purifying benefits to remove pathogens, allergens and dust from your home or workplace to keep your building comfortable, climate controlled and free of health hazards.